Born in Seattle, Washington, July 6th, 1966 at Virginia Mason Hospital.  Dane is an only child and the son of Lana M. and Jay L. Johnston.  His family for the most part grew up in the West Seattle area of Seattle.  Dane moved to Kent in 1976 and grew up in the area now known as the City of Covington.  He played baseball, soccer, football, and was on a speed skating team for 5 years.  Dane once went to the city championships for baseball and hit two homeruns back to back.  He went on to High School at Kent-Merdian High where he played baseball and graduated in 1984.

After High School, Dane went on to work in Alaska on crab boats in the Bering Sea for 3 seasons.  Dane has owned a couple of different businesses -- one of them being a painting, pressure washing and roofing business where his desire for Real Estate came from.  Dane was a Specialty Contractor for 4 years and a General Contractor for 2 years.

Dane enjoys working in the community and helping people achieve their ultimate goal of home ownership.  Dane puts on free home buyer seminars and he, with his assistants and full time team members of The Johnston Group, will continually strive to build long lasting community and personal relationships with Dynamite Service & Explosive Results!  

The Johnston Team focuses on many aspects of Real Estate:  first time homebuyers, waterfront and specialty property along with new construction and acreage.  Please call 206-941-0484 or e-mail any questions to dane@daneljohnston.com.

Favorite Activities

  1. I enjoy working out and eating right -- this allows me to be fit PHYSICALLY and have the energy I need to stay focused on my daily tasks. I  go to the gym a minimum of 5 days a week.  I also enjoy all sports, walking, biking, hiking, camping, fishing and boating.
  2. Part of staying fit MENTALLY is reading, daily writing and reading of affirmations.  One thing I learned a long time ago -- don't do anything without checking your day planner.  I also listen to tapes, go to seminars and am constantly challenging myself to learn and grow.
  3. The main key to any success I may achieve in life is the never ending process of deepening my SPIRITUALITY.  This gives me the foundation to put it all together and maintain that solid foundation.  Things I do are pray, meditate, read and try to do a lot of giving of myself to others.  I speak quite frequently about my life and always try to share my experience, strength and hope with anyone who is willing to listen.  I must be responsible and accountable for my actions and attitudes on a daily basis.  BY STAYING FOCUSED ON THESE THREE THINGS (SELF-EXAMINATION, PRAYER AND MEDITATION) AND IF THEY ARE LOGICALLY RELATED AND INTERWOVEN, THE RESULT IS AN UNSHAKABLE FOUNDATION FOR LIFE!

Favorite Movies

  1. Above the Law
  2. Legends of the Fall
  3. The Cure
  4. Forrest Gump
  5. Godfather 1-3
  6. When a Man Loves a Woman
  7. The Green Mile
  8. Autumn in New York 
  9. The Temptations
Favorite Quotes
  1. One day at a time
  2. This too shall pass
  3. We can do together what we can not do alone.
  4. The Four F's:  a. Faith     b. Family    c.  Friends   d.  Finance
  5. I hated every minute of the training... but I maintained this thought, "Don't quit now, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!"
  6. Live for today...plan for tomorrow...but most importantly forget about yesterday...(the past)
  7. If you must doubt something, doubt your limits.
  8. REMEMBER: goals, dreams and ideas are nothing without execution.
  9. Until it's on paper it does not exist
  10. WALK ON!

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